Want To Be An Influencer? - Easier Way To Work With Brands in India [ Influencer Marketing Platforms ]

by - February 03, 2020

Are you a Content Creator or an Influencer Or may be you want to become one? Are you looking to monetize or make extra bucks from your social media?

Over the years Celebrities were considered as Fashion Idols, however with Digital Age, we have seen the surge of Micro Influencers and with Social Media being the Powerhouse for the brand reach, the Nano Influencers are equally competing with traditional advertising mediums as the audience/consumers are seeking emotional connect with the brand and the influencers.

That's where your chance as an Influencer lies, to cash on your Social Media!!
Before I reveal the big secret, Have a Look through your social feeds….Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, TuneMoji, Twitter or Facebook! Brands would want to pay you for simply tagging their products in your post, because your followers care what you say, eat, wear or do.
And that's your BIG OPPORTUNITY to cash in!!
Brands today employ Influencers to reach wider audience and being Influencers, you definitely can leverage your Social Media Channel. So how do you do this?
Let's break this down for you and understand the Infleuncer Tier to start with. Though the count of the Followers hardly matters in crafting the tier, however some Infleuncer Marketing Platforms and Brands are specific with the number of followers you need to have.
1. Mega - Largely Celebrities!
2. Macro  - 500k -1m could be a Macro Influencers. These can some TikTok Stars, TEDX Speakers, TV Celebs as well.
3. Micro - These can be experts, Bloggers/Vloggers, Youtubers or some expert as in Fitness coach with a following 5000 - 500k. These are the ones who have niche accounts and targetted audience which adds credibility and high engagement rate as compared to the Nano Influencers.
4. NanoWe all are in someways, Nano Influencers, however to define mathematically I take the figures as somebody with a following of 1000 - 5000 Followers is under Nano Category. These are the ones who manage their own accounts, they post what they love, and it would not be wrong to say in some cases the accounts might not be polished as compared to other infleuncers since they are not yet a business. But chances are they have wider reach as they build a loyal following over a period of time.

Now, the first step is to turn your Instagram Account to Business and make it Public. If you want to be an Infleuncer , you need keep a tap on the posts shared and insta story views which further help you understand your reach across the platform. Start thinking like a business.

Having said all that, We have spent hours and hours researching these apps and post which we have come with an wholesome blog post which would help you to choose the best platforms to join!! Don't be dis heartened if some of the platforms reject your application, you can always go back and apply again once you reach their minimum requirements!!

OK! Enough of Blabbering!!
Check the below Apps and Platforms which can help you become a business
1. Capssion -
Influencer Marketing Platform, connecting Influencers with trusted brands and retailers. Brands are willing to collaborate with Influencers to help them spread and amplify their message.As an influencer, you get to -
- Discover products/service offered by brands 
- Request the ones you like the most
- If you match with the brand, the collaboration is ON!

The registration on Capssion is free and open to everyone and though Capssion says, no matter how many followers or views you have, however chances are your application may get rejected if you have less than 5000 Followers.

2. Chtrbox -
I really like Chtrbox, because it targets LinkedIn as well besides other Social Media platforms. That being said it equally gives Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok Influencers the campaigns one would have loved to work for, brands being Olay, Nokia, Whisper, Puma and many more. 
3. Pulpkey -
Pulpkey works with broad range of Brands and so the scope for Content Creators the platform gets wider ranging from photography, travel, fashion, food, comedy, music, filmmaking, technology etc, however to be associated with Pulpkey you sure need to have at least 2000 Followers on Instagram!!
Much like Capssion, Pulpkey works with really great brands one as influencer would love to collaborate with. So game up guys, if you have 2000 Followers go ahead, but before that start with some Instagram polishing. Need some Instagram Templates, you can check Creative Market!!

3. GryNow -
GryNow has tied up with Social Influencers, which means they would have some criteria to collaborate with Influencers, however I am pretty sure Micro Influencers, are what they are interested in so if you fall under the bucket of Micro-Influencers,, do send over your pitch to them for collaboration, which is easy via their website under Contact Us Section. GryNow claims to be Certified Influencer Marketing Agency in India for TikTok. From Bhuvan Bam to Jannat Jubair and Tara Prasad there are numerous others on the list of their Influencers, you could be next.

4. Plixxo -
Influencer Marketing Platform by PopXo, works with some renowned fashion Bloggers like Aashna Shroff. Working with Plixxo is easy for you have 1000+ Followers. 

5. TapMango -
Perfect for someone who has 500+ Followers, that's where you can start to experiment your skill set as a budding influencer and learn the rules of the game. SignUp to the app is simple and easy and Campaign details are pretty clear as to what is expected from the influencer.
6. Buzzoka -
Buzzoka large helps you create your profile while connecting with the Social Media Platforms and creating Rate Card for the same. One can see some really great brands like Amazon, Fossil, M&S, Skoda, Reliance, Zee5 listed in their client list.

Social Media has changed over the years and with most power lying in the customers hands, brands re constantly challenged to take new path and Post For Rent can be one such medium for the Bands to rent the Social Media of the Influencers to showcase their Brands. If you have a  Social Media Presence - Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and BLOGS!! Yes, even you can join POST FOR RENT. Brands, Talent Manager and Agencies are all who can join the platform. 
Though the app is Free for Infleuncers to use however, with 4% - 5% as service fee to use Post For Rent platform, and manage your contest easier. So if you are OK with these go ahead and Download the App!!

At time of writing this Review, I could not find any Campaign or Brand from India or a Brand with India as Focus. 

I am assuming that POST FOR RENT does not have any campaigns for Indian Market, however even then as an Infleuncer I should have been able to open any Campaign, which I could not. Besides, I could not update my Payment and Instagram Rates.

7. Look Who's Talking -
Comes as a Creative Brand Advocacy and claims that Brands have stories; and stories engage when they are told in an interactive way to the right audience, not when they are presented as advertisements. That’s where Look Who’s Talking (LWT) comes into play. Collaborations with micro influencers by the brand by far has has a great reach and there once can easily see the difference content approach by the platform.

8. Kofluence -
Last and not the least, Kofluence is also in my list as they are connecting brands and influencers, and they sure provide you great way to connect different social media channels and that does increase your chance to grab the campaigns.
Concluding the blog post with additional platforms, which are slowly picking the pace as in Influencer Port, SocialFaim, Vuroll, BrandBassador are few more that you can add to the list.

Digital World for sure has opened new ways to earn and definitely if you know the right channel to connect with you would surely be able to cash in the oppurtunity!!

Hope this post helps you in some way to up your social game!!

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