methinks - money for thoughts App Review

by - February 20, 2020

Your opinion is valuable! Share it and make money in your free time! That's what methinks is all about!

How Does methinks Works -

methinks connects you to businesses that pay for your feedback and opinions on a wide variety of topics.
Talk to businesses on your free time, from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. 

Key features:
* Build your profile and businesses will find you
* Apply for Gigs
* Impress businesses and earn followup gigs

You will be helping hundreds of businesses grow by providing feedback about their future products and services.

Initially it looked some easy money making app, however let me tell you the app calls for some serious users who do have some qualification and experience. 

So, you may ask, What are the Gigs like -
  • User Research Study
  • Survey On Automation etc
  • Website Design Review
  • Mobile Phone Carriers Study
  • Dating App User Study
Of course if you think you can be a thoughtful thinker, you can go ahead and apply for the gig, where you are asked certain questions which help the gig owner to screen the best thinkers for the task.

For you are looking for some extra money in your pocket here and there then you should try this app. Start with building a strong profile as that would help you match with the businesses. Once you have built your profile you scroll through the gigs and which displays the gig details with time and payout.

Limitations -
At the moment there can be limited gigs however the chances of getting the gig land ion your table could be less but the app seems legit. I have personally not used the app, however I did download the same and explore if there a gig matching with my capability. Well, I was a little disappointed but sure am eyeing for future opportunities in the app.

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I am not passing a Verdict, however please make conscious logical reasoning and use the app. Earning Money is Easy in the Digital Age, but it is equally Easy to Lose your Hard Earned Money if you are not conscious!!

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