Want to Support a Social Cause - Why not 'MNFST'?

by - January 30, 2020

How many times have you posted about a SOCIAL CAUSE or a Brand that supports some Social Mission? Have a Look through your social feeds….Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, TuneMoji, Twitter or Facebook!

If you are an Influencer looking to support a Social Cause via your Social Media Channels than read on! 

Social Media is Community Driven Platform and gives immense exposure to a brand or a mission you support. Brands today are more conscious and with Instagram being a community driven platform where followers are your potential consumers! Having YOU as a Consumer is definitely valuable to these Brands. 

Imagine, if you can monetize while being true to the Social Cause you support.

The description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog!!

A Social Lifestyle App, where everyone is an Infleuncer. MNFST tagline is 'We are on a mission to democratize the influencer market.The digital profile is a key underutilized asset of our time and we are here to change that.'

In simple words, MNFST is an app that allows you to get paid for promoting content you believe in!! MNFST helps you become a better creator, promote brands you like and causes you care about and get rewarded for it. That sounds Amazing! Sounds easy just like posting on Instagram? Want to Download, Go Here!


MNFST is not about money. It's doing good, spreading causes that brands support - Charity, Water Pollution, Cruelty Free, Go Vegan, Recycling, Global Warming etc; 

First you need to connect the app to your PERSONAL Instagram account, NO BUSINESS ACCOUNTS as of now -
• Connect your account & get your Social Capital Score, SCS gives you an approximate idea how much you can earn via the MNFST or Campaigns
• Choose the format and which Manifest or Campaigns you want to participate in
• Post on social media, once the submitted campign is verified by MNFST
• Receive payment in 24 hours
• Withdraw your earnings to PayPal or Revolut or donate to charities

Social Capital Score implies your Social Rating which represents the level of your influence and popularity on a social network basis which you are rewarded.

MNFST provides you with great Filters to add right within the app so creating your Content is that easy!!

Interested in Signing Up! I suggest your read further...
A Manifest can be a themed video selfie or picture that you post on your social network profile. For all Sponsored Manifests, you are PAID!!

Before you connect, the App displays the TnC's (18 page document) and Scoring System TnC's , I suggest you read them carefully. MNFST charges 10% Commission on the Withdrawals!!

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
MNFST has a Referral Program, which lets you invite your friends and other infleucers who would care about a cause and get paid $20

Further up, if you really want to earn some great rewards then you can join MNFST Partner Program which allows you to earn upto $5000 - If you love a brand you connect them with MNFST and get 5% of active campaign budget!!

I joined two campaigns (one for Instagram and the other for Twitter) only to test how the app works. Now there is no way for you understand how much you would be paid for the campaign or if the campaign is paid on unpaid. So, guys as of now I do not have any payment proof!!

Of course the mission of the MNFST App is not pay your bills as it's more targeted towards Social Cause Adverts so join it only if you are interested.

Minimum Withdrawal amount is $0.10

AVAILABLE ON - iOS and Android
MY RATING: 4.5/5

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