U Speak We Pay - Legit Or Scam? [ Earn Cash Daily ] App Review

by - January 30, 2020

At Scoopful Apps, my attempt to review U SPEAK WE PAY app is to bring in some awareness which you might not have considered because you wanted to Earn Money. 
In a pool where there are endless positive reviews about the App, it is difficult to voice out my thoughts, but I had to. 

I am not sure how many of you remember the Movie, 16th December, 2002, Indian Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Mani Shankar. If you haven't watched, I suggest you go and watch the movie and understand how voice fragments can be synthesized and misused. I am not passing a Verdict here, use your own logical understanding, I will only try my best to present the facts in front of you.

In the movie the the army chief had a tough nut to crack, diffuse a bomb with a Voice Command of the the character Dost Khan saying, Dulhan Ki Vidaai Ka Waqt Badalna Hai
In the movie, back then in 2002 they have shown how the Dost Khan is made to say these fragments, without having him realized that his voice can be used to diffuse the bomb. His fragment bits are synthesized to form a whole sentence to diffuse the bomb and the Capital is saved.

Nonetheless, today we have advanced as a nation technologically and our personal data is more prone to misuse with smartphones and Alexa right in our own hands. I hope this review makes you a little more aware. We sometimes tend to overlook the app permissions we grant. 

After checking numerous Youtubers posting there Payment Proofs via U SPEAK WE PAY, and recommending people to go for Easy Cash Out on Daily Payment anywhere from Rs.200 - 500.
Before You Hop Over to Playstore to Download, I suggest You read this review till the end. So be patient!

As the title suggests is an app where you get paid for speaking. Just speak the sentences as they appear in the app and make money by working from home. That's how easy it is!! Guess what? We'll even pay you for your referrals as well.

Just Speak in multiple Indian Languages and improve your pronunciation and earn Paytm cash every day for every language.


1) Install the app

2) Choose your preferred language
3) Click on the Record button and speak the sentences as they appear
4) Click on the same button once done recording

Making Money is definitely easy in the Digital Age, but at the cost of...?

On Downloading, the App seeks permission to Mic and Storage
- Mic, because it needs to record your sentences via the app, however there is no way for you to exit the app, as in no logout option is available, thence this makes the Mic running at the background. 
- Storage as in for the app

You may like to read their Privacy Policy, here, as to how you personal information might be used.

Most Apps today function the similar manner seeking permissions to Storage and Data Files, Location or Contact, however being aware as to who is offering the service and how your sharing permission with these Apps can impact you in the long run is what you need to think

I wanted to check the authenticity of the App further so I thought of checking the Website, was unable to find one, other than the one listed as Privacy Policy there is only an email id of the Developer which has a domain voiceitindia@gmail.com

Further, there is no way for one to delete the Account.

No matter how small or big a company is crafting its brand image is on the priority and if you understand this, they believe in custom creating logo check here the LOGO used by the app is available generic online, here 

Of course people are claiming that they have been able to Cash Out and they are by all means free to prove me wrong. But my point here is Your Voice Can be Misused and though the FAQ Section says they are Working on Voice Based Teaching Application. 

I am not passing a Verdict, however please make conscious logical reasoning and use the app. We have heard about how PayTM users had been recently targeted to update KYC and had were looted by scammers. Earning Money is Easy in the Digital Age, but it is equally Easy to Lose your Hard Earned Money if you are not conscious!!

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