Troveskin - App That Understand Your Skin

by - January 20, 2020

You're just a few moments away from seeing your skin report! That's what Troveskin claims!!

Being fascinated that there's an app that does skin analysis and provides Customized Product Recommendation, I was hell bent to try it out!!

What is Troveskin?
Free App that let's you access your skin in response to your lifestyle using AI Technology. Other than Skin Analysis, Skin Type Quiz, there's, scoops of content feed and product recommendations and Challenges.

Troveskin has partnered with e-commerce sites and the product recommendations does redirect you to the partner sites.

How Does Troveskin Work?

On installing Troveskin, you get 3 ways to LogIn to the App - 
1. Login With Google
2. With Facebook
3. With Email

I personally think this is great as I really don't like any app to access my Google or Facebook account. What I did not like the app seeking Device's Location, What for is the Location Access Required? We will see that later.

You need to take a selfie (Just make sure there's ample light and the background is white so that you can better analysis job done) and Troveskin App identifies the skin issues- analyses wrinkles, fines lines, pigmentation, skin texture and pores and basis which, Overall Skin Score is generated. Post Which - Product Recommendations, are suggested however you need to ensure that Device Location is accessible by the App. 

Well in my case my Overall Skin Score at first instance was Good with some pores and texture issue, and at second instance was Bad, however in either case there were no product recommendations. Surprising!! For you are interested to try this out, Download Here!

So I decided to wait for a week and try again, however the products were still not showing up!!

Meanwhile, I participated in Streaks.

Neelam, Now what's that?
Basically Streaks are like Daily Tasks and Goals which on completion result in Trovepoints which you can redeem in purchasing a product. Interesting!!

Besides, there are TroveSkin Challenges, however this requires one to enable Location Access. I really fail to understand why does the App need Location Access (Post my use, I remove the camera and location access for the apps).

SkinDiary Section maintains Daily Log where you can compare track progress. Well if you want you can go back to the SkinDiary-Analysis Tab and Tap the Selfies to delete them from the app.Further the Discover Section opens up the Product Section and Routine, which starts with Quiz and post completion Routine Recommendations.

Q: What do you dislike in the app? There is seriously no need for Location Access, Results are not accurate enough, Product Recommendations never populate for me. 

Other than Streaks, which may be, keeps you on toes to be conscious of your skincare however am not too sure if I would like to be positively stamped by an AI based App, after all its a technology.

Q: Does Troveskin substitute Dermatologists? No, AI cannot be a substituted for any medical treatment. Even the Troveskin TnC's communicated the same. Read Here!

Troveskin clearly communicates - 'This interactive computerized application is for illustrative educational and entertainment purposes only. It does not take the place of a personal live consultation with a qualified dermatologist.'

My Rating:2.5/5
Available On: iOS and Android
In-app Purchases: No

Lastly, nothing works if you do not have a healthy lifestlye- eating habits, drink lots of water, include green vegetables, exercise regularly and if need be please visit a Dermatologist!!

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