Smytten Struck - Free Trial Packs!! - App Review

by - December 20, 2019

My family says, I am Online Shopaholic since I am glued to shopping beauty and fashion products online. I do not mind being called so rather I feel it gives me the freedom and comfort to get products right in front of my doorstep without stepping out and standing in the long queue. 
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Yeah! touch and feel factor might be missing but the most online platforms realize the same and had been tweaking the business models to make it easy for the end user. Okay! I know you aren't reading the post to hear me blabbering, enough of it. Guys! am actually Smytten!! 😉 Crazy Me!

Today I am reviewing the  - India's Largest Platform for Luxury Trials and Discovery - Smytten!

It's definitely a lot like Love!
  • Free Trials from Luxury Brands like Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Kama Ayurveda etc. 
  • 500+ Premium Brands across categories like Beauty, Gentlemen's Grooming, Food and Beverage, Smart Technology, Spas, Salons and much more!
  • 100% Verified Original products sourced straight from brands, with exclusive offers.
Rightly said, Smytten - Discover Life's Little Luxuries! 

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So, you would ask me, Neelam, how does that work? It's simple, really!
  • Go to playstore and Download the Smytten App (Download Here)
  • On signing up you get 5 Trial Points which you can use to purchase Luxury Trials for yourself.

You may use my referral code "a88R6XJ" while signing up on Smytten Click here to download the app -

Now, the catch here is that though Smytten says Free Trails, these are not 100% Free, as you would be paying INR199, but wait! Out of INR199, you get INR168 reversed on your Smytten Wallet!

So I would say worth a try!

Once your Free Trial Smytten Box is shipped you get the INR168 reversed on your Smytten Wallet which you can redeem in purchasing the next Smytten Box.

And that does not end here! As you keep shopping on Smytten App, you keep accruing points which again can be used to get fresh batch of trail packs. 

Q: Is Smytten, a Subscription Box? No, Smytten is an App which offers you Luxury Product Trials at a nominal price.
Q: Is Smytten App available on iOS? Yes
Q: Is this post sponsored by Smytten? No, I am sharing my personal experience, post my 3 purchases from Smytten App
Q: What do you like about Smytten App? Personally, I feel that shelling about huge amount is not possible always when you aren't too sure about how the product would be as in if it's a beauty product whether it would suit your skin or not. In my case before I invest in huge amount purchasing cosmetics I love the freedom of picking a trial or sample pack and test it, which I guess Smytten App fulfills the requirement.

User Interface - Clean and simple with easy to use navigation which makes a great user experience.

My Rating - 4.5/5
Available on: Android
In-app purchases: No

I gave 4.5 and not 5 as I did not receive the Welcome Card which was mentioned on the box.

What are you waiting for? 
Go ahead and Download the app -
Use My Referral Code : "a88R6XJ"

Lastly, for you Refer 3 Friends using your Smytten Code, you again get a Free Product! 

So Spread the Joy of Smytten!!

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