Simsim - Influencer Based Shopping App Review

by - January 09, 2020

Do you remember Alibaba and 40 Chor or Adventures of Alibaba and the Forty-Thieves?

And the most favorite dialogue being - Khul Ja SimSim!

With Smartphones a lot has changed when it comes to online shopping and with mobile apps, a new doorway to Shopping has opened. Today, I am going to review Influencer Lead Shopping App - SimSim! 

Image Source: Simsim

Simsim is a new and fun way to shop online. You can shop for beauty, skincare, intimate care, personal hygiene and wellness products for women on the go!

What is SimSim? 
Online Shopping App with Expert Videos. 
SimSim has collaborated with Experts, Influencers and Celebrities and in these the host talks about their favourite products, how to use them and suggest which are the best products for you to buy. It does not end there. You can shop directly from the SimSim App. Download Here!

Largely SimSim makes all your shopping requirements meet at once place, while you are following your favorite Influencers besides it is a great platform for Influencers as well.

So if you are an Influencer or love making Videos Read On!!

Earning Via SimSim
Earning on Youtube is based on views and post certain views Youtube stats paying you. Besides, you would require and to connect your YouTube channel to an AdSense Account in order to earn money.

But you can become SimSim Influencer and the app makes earning much more easy, as compared to Youtube or TikTok. On sale of each product as the Content Creator or Influencer you get paid besides SimSim has built Incentive Plans for the Content Creators which can help boost your earnings.

SimSim Cliams you can earn upto INR50,000 every month. Influencers, Do you Hear?
Video Source: Youtube Simsim
Q: How do I Sign Up?
Here's the link, SimSim Influencer SignUp

Enter your Contact Number and verify your details via OTP and fill up the Form mentioning the Social Media Profiles

Post your registration you need to create a 1min Video Content and there are some other Video Guidelines adhering to which you can upload the video.

That does not end here!
  • On creating first video you get INR1000
  • SimSim App allows you to create your own Virtual Store, which build your sales pipeline without you having to worry about product delivery or customer care
So What kind of Content should I post on SimSim?

  • Do-It-Yourself - MakeUp Tutorials, Skincare Tutorials
  • Product Reviews 
  • Product Comparison 
Largely any Video Content that helps your followers make a purchase decision, which implies your content should be solution driven. More you post content you increase your chances of earning and not to forget use your Social Media channels to convert your followers to customers.

Now if you are ardent follower of your Favorite Influencer, you too get benefits on using the SimSim App

Video Source: Youtube Simsim

Q: What Do I Get As Shopper? Before I start let me tell you the User Interface is simple and easy to use.
  • Follow your favorite expert or influencer and you would notifications when they post a fresh content
  • Sharing the video content with your contacts - friends that gives you earning option in your 
  • Video Save Feature and you can save your favorite one under Your Saves Sections 
  • Simsim App gives you Vernacular Language options and they are adding more languages

**Just one suggestion for the SimSim Team, add more products. Since they started their operations in July, 2019 I would congratulate the team for great collaborative efforts with sellers and making the entire experience awesome for the Influencers and the Shoppers.**

So guys what are you waiting for, go ahead and Download Here!

My Rating: 4.5/5
Available on: Android
In-app Purchases: No

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