Shake It With Milkshake - Insta Website App Review

by - January 17, 2020

If you are an avid Instagram user you might have already heard about Milkshake. 

Aha! This Milkshake is Calorie Free!!

What Is Milkshake?

Milkshake is a Free App that allows you to create an Insta Website on your phone. For somebody who does not want to invest. An app for Instagrammers to make a stylish and sophisticated website right from your mobile and you do not require any coding skills. Isn't that great!!

Milkshake is FREE, for you do not have budget or may be you do not want to create one as a Content Creator, yet you want to appear professional and make those Sales flowing!!

Then Milkshake App is for you!!

Image Credit: Milkshake

Milkshake App is perfect to grow a business by making the most of, the one Instagram bio link. You get 4 Cards to create your Insta Website - 
  • About - Introduce yourself and your brand
  • Links - This is great for Influencers and Content Creators, for you do not want to invest much time in creating website, add LINKS here!!
  • Top Picks - Share additional stuff under this section
  • Splash - Splash with Promo Offers or you can add fun stuff!!
  • Youtube - Promote your Youtube Channel or Videos and add new subscribers

Video Source: Youtube

Each Card has 14 templates (they are adding more) to choose from, so you can add as much fun as you want. Now that's a great to start with all under one link and YOU GET INSIGHTS TOO!

Click and Views on Each Card!!

Isn't that amazing!!

Say More, Sell More, Share More on Instagram!!

Wait there's more, you really don't have to type in the Milkshake Insta Web URL to Instagram, the app does that all, sign in with your Instagram ID and once you are done with the cards, Hit Publish and You get the option to ADD LINK TO THE INSTAGRAM BIO.

Isn't that super easy!!
Check Out Mine, here!!

It's Fun, Stylish and Quirky and FREE, I looove it!!

Why don't you try it yourself, go ahead and Download Here!

Q: What do you like about Milkshake App? Clean and Easy to Use, it is really smooth process from one step to another. You get an EDIT Feature where you can Shake The Cards (Modify the Card Templates)

Q: Is Milkshake App available on Android and iOS?
Yes it is available on both Android and iOS
Q: Is this Post Sponsored? No

My Rating: 5/5
Available on: iOS & Andorid
In-app Purchases: No

So if you had been looking to make your Instagram as fun as your personality, I highly recommend Milkshake App!!

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