Happy Shappy App Review - The Treasure Trove of Happy Moments, Is it?

by - January 25, 2020

Happy Shappy, a discovery platform as it claims to be for ideas and products. India's Universal Shopping Cart.

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An App and Website, powered by AI to craft rich user experience, clean and intuitive interface, to save anything you love from anywhere, and to link back to your favorite sites.

You can also say the app is Indian Pinterest Version!!

Let's quickly check how Happy Shappy works -
  • Happy Shappy, allows you to create Dreamboards (much like PinBoards) for your favorite ideas; wedding outfits, beauty DIY's all in one place
  • You can add any image from the web with a single click to your Happy Shappy dreamboard, with the added option of buying them
  • Happy Shappy functions as a Social Commerce Platform, where your curated boards are followed by other users. So if you are a brand and want to connect with your target market, Happy Shappy could be your home!!
  • Horoscopes being the exciting added feature definitely adds to the happiness of the user
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Q: I am retail store owner, can I partner with Happy Shappy?
Well, I tried to reach out to the Founder, Ms. Sana and though I am yet to receive a response. However, I deep dived further and my conclusion is yes as a brand or a retailer you can partner with Happy Shappy and largely you create dreamboards as a user of the app. Further with the app providing you to create links to the images so am assuming this can be a great visibility for the retailers and brands, and this could be one of the way for the app to monetize.

Just as Pinterest monetizes by targeted ads, selling "promoted pins" and click-to-buy shopping ads to retail partners (Pinterest generated $756 million last year in revenue), so I believe the Shop Section of the App seems pretty similar and if Happy Shappy hasn't started this model they might consider in near future. 

What is interesting under the Shop Section is that if you happen to Click BUY, you redirect to the partner site, however you are still within the Happy Shappy App, and as a shopper you compete the transaction or purchase a product via Happy Shappy. That's another tactic to drive new consumers or sales to the partners and possibly that could be a monetization model for the app. 

Having said all that, Bloggers, Vloggers Travel Companies, Designers and Content Creators can add this app to their marketing strategy, as this could help them boost traffic and drive sales home.

Other than Happy Shappy being an app, they had been crafting Offline Events, Beauty, Travel and Teej Carnival etc; which has been more focused on building audience, which again has given brands and retailers a platform to come forward and interact with the consumers at the ground level making it a happy home.

Still have questions as How can you use Happy Shappy - 
- Ideas and Inspirations
- Bookmarking Tool
- Exploring Shopping Stuff
- Quirky Horoscope 
- Promoting your Brand!!

There is plethora of inspirational stuff and it absolutely wouldn't be wrong in calling Happy Shappy, The Treasure Trove of Happy Moments!!

Clean and intuitive interface.

My Rating: 4.5/5
Available on: iOS and Android

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